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The Grill is Open

Today we fired up the grill for the first time. My hut is complete (except for a hammock) and I invited a few people over for a test run.

Here's a picture of the completed hut:


We cooked up 5 chickens and a couple kilos of goat meat along with plantains and potatoes. Everything came out great.


The big hit came after we finished eatiing, last time I was in Kampala I picked up a bag of marshmallows and we roasted them over the fire. No one here had even heard of marshmallows before but they were all quick converts. Soon we had dozens of kids hanging over the fence as we roasted and gave them marshmallows. I think I may need to pick up a whole bunch more next time I go to the city.



hey! great hut! i have an easy and good recipe for chicken soulvaki if you want it - have fun with your guests.