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Going to functions is a big deal here, they are usually long drawn out affairs that start hours late. I seem to get invited to random ones where I have no business even being there. The good news is that they are always followed by free food!

This weekend I went to a hand-over ceremony for students from a local college organization. I think the purpose is that the outgoing president is supposed to hand over duties to the incoming president. Why I was invited, I have no idea!

I was was told it was to start at 1:00, it started at 6:00. We arrived about 4:00. It took place at a local hotel that has some very nice grounds with some statues made by local artists. So we spent most of our time hanging out in the gardens drinking sodas.

Here's Susan with Moses's children: Mavis, Shalom & Moses Jr. out on the grounds.

Susan, Mavis, Shalom, & Moses jr.

This fuction was similar to others I've been to as it consisted mainly of people giving long speeches while the audience looks bored. This went on for a good three hours. I somehow got seated at the head table so I spent most of the night trying to look interested.


This function had a couple interesting twists though. In between speeches someone would come up and lip sync to a song and people would come up and put money in their pockets.


Then at the end someone came up with a package and people were supposed to bid on it. I'm still not quite sure how it worked but it took about an hour and somehow they got about 4000 shillings out of me (about $2.00).

Finally we ate!