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Now we're cooking

A few more days work and I have a patio and the beginnings of my grill


The grill is coming along pretty good, it's pretty large and will accomodate quite a bit. I'm thinking it wouldn't be too hard to build a spit...and there are plenty of goats around....mmmmmmm


Its a little different than I pictured, and what I asked them to build. One theme that seems to run along everything I do here is that I ask for something to be done, agree on a price, then the workers go off and do whatever they want without any regard to what I asked for, usually at twice the price.

I originally imagined the pit as kind of a round fireplace where people can sit all around it. I think this will work welll though as the breeze is pretty steady in one direction, away from the hut.

I'm still thinking that a 4th of July party may be in order to christen then grill, I need to run to Kampala to pick up some guests arriving from the U.S. next week so maybe I can find marshmallows and hamburger & hot dog buns there. I'm still not sure I can get hot dogs here, and I don't think I want to bring them on a 5 hour bus ride back from Kampala, but I think there may be sausages around.


If you decide that you want hot dogs after all, you can get them at the Embassy Supermarket (the Supermarket across from the American Embassy). It's walk-able from Old Taxi Park, but you can also get on a taxi going to Kansanga or Kabalagala or anything going down Gaba Road.

Thanks! I'll check that out