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A little more progress

We're getting there...I came back to find my hut is nearing completion, the roof is about half done and they need to install a door and finish my veranda and firepit.

I tried to find a hammock in Kampala but couldn't find one, I think I may have to look harder next time as now I'd hate to have a hut but no way to take a nap!

latest pictures:




hey - what is the traditional ugandan hut warming gift? - if you do not find a hammock before ireland, i will bring one with me - glad you got a pizza fix - des

I think its a goat or maybe a turkey, some kind of animal!

Hi Carl
Is it safe over there? As we get to hear some terrible stories about killings and violence! My daughter wants to work with primates, but I worry about her going to an African country. I know killings and violence are everywhere, but from your point of view how do you feel.

All the best
Long lost cousin Patsy Davis..(P.S. I would send you some burgers but they would be off by the time they arrived..ha ha)never mind I will buy you a cold Guiness....when I see you

Uganda is fairly safe, the war is winding down here and there have not been any attacks aimed at tourists in a few years. For the most part I don't have any problems walking around the small town where I live or around most parts of Kampala. As with anywhere you just need to keep guard as pickpocketing and muggings are fairly common, though I've never experienced any first hand.

Uganda is considered safer than many other countries in the area.

I'm looking foward to that Guiness!