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Hiking Sipi Falls

We took a trip about an hour east of Soroti to do some hiking. We went to visit Sipi Falls.

First stop, lunch! We ate some beans and chapati at the Mise Cave Restaurant.

Restaurant where we ate lunch

This is the first real tourist thing I've done since arriving and it was very interesting to see the difference in this area from Soroti, which has no tourism at all. Every where we went we were asked for money. Everyplace that could have a gate and an entrance fee, had one. When we returned, someone had washed the car and asked for money.

Paying the entrance fee

The falls themselves and the hike was very nice, though I am so out of shape that the hike up was not quite as pleasent as the hike down. I don't think I'm quite ready to climb Mt Kilimanjaro yet.

The trail as we began the hike, we hiked to the bottom of the falls, about a half hour down (and about 45 minutes up).

Hiking Sipi Falls

and the view when we reached the falls:

Sipi Falls

Today...I rest

More photos here


Dear Carl
Yesterday my family visited me. I show them your pictures. They were all impressed about the nature and landscape. I am looking forward to seeing it with my own eyes. Thank you for the pictures.
Take care
Bro. Patrick

hallo, am in switzerland but i really miss sipi falls and also my family. i have been many times to sipi it`s a great place to be. my mother was born there and i have a very big family there. does any body knows shaka, rob the rock climber,tom or any body from sipi falls? patrick


Adam gave me your name - I am the FD of the Charles Darwin Foundation in the Galapagos islands and am looking for technical help. It's a volunteer position in data management we have that is very important to us.

I will send you a pdf if you can send me your email address.