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The dangers of being an "expert"

Yesterday I was walking to town to buy a newspaper and as I passed by the Human Rights Commission office, a couple people came out of the office and asked if I would help with their computer, being that I am the "American Computer Expert" come to help. I said sure, I'd be happy if I am able.

The problem was that they had brought a floppy disk over from their office but it had a virus and the compter in the human rights office refused to open it. I explained that there probably wasn't anything I could do but they asked if I would take a look at their computer. So we pile into a car and drive across town to the main government offices (I should note that the guy who recognized me works for VEF and is often in my office so they weren't just a bunch of strangers).

We get to their office and they have a PC that's probably a good 10 years old, running Windows 98 with only a floppy drive and no network connection. I have absolutely no idea what can be done. I mentioned that there are some free virus software available on the internet but I have no idea how you would get it on the computer.

Its hard to be an expert when you don't actually know how to do anything!

My best suggestion was to find someone who had some virus software and see if they can scan the floppy to remove the virus. Other than that I have no idea what they can do. I think Viruses are a big problem here as it seems that people still use a lot of floppy disks and share between computers.


Carl your right about the computer virus, It is a common problem here. The best solution for that is to get some one with an ant virus software to install on their computer and scan the virus. Do you mean it doesn't have a CD ROM? And another important thing to not is that most people here are computer ilitrates.