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Rainy Season

Last night I learned about the rainy season!


It rained all night and my house was still standing! I had a virtual zoo on my front porch as some of the local animals sought shelter. The local goats and chickens have learned where they can crawl under my fence to get in the yard. I was going to get my own goats but maybe I'll just let the neighbor's goats graze in my yard. I like to encourage the chickens in the yard as I figure every bug they eat is one less that will come into the house.

It is very interesting that almost none of the animals in the neighborhood are constrained. Apparently chickens will wander for miles then come home to roost. I can't get anyone to answer my question about how they tell which chickens belong to who though. I guess everyone just knows their own chickens.


I'm happy to hear your home survived the storm! Must've been a cool, yet scary? experience. Let us live vicariously! Love the pics :)