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Greetings from Dubai,

I made it safely to Dubai, the plane did do a little detour around Iraq but 3 movies later and I was on the ground.

I'd upload some pictures but here's what I get when I try to look get to Flickr to upload the pictures


So no one here will be able to enjoy my pictures of plastic gorrillas in marshmallow peeps.

I got in about 1:00 a.m. last night so headed straight to the hotel for some sleep, woke up nice and early and refreshed and feeling well and was out by 10:00 this morning the hit the starbucks next to the hotel. The weather was very mild and I rambled for a while along the back roads around the electronics area of the city, and went for a long walk along the creek that runs through the city.

By that time the weather starts getting hot and I can feel my forehead getting redder and redder...next time I'm wearing sunscreen and a hat! Anyway made it back to the hotel to sit in the last air conditioning I'll know for the next year and rest up to do some more exploring later this afternoon.

Dubai is a very cool city, there is construction everywhere and its very windy and sandy. I wish I liked to shop 'cause that seems to be the main thing to do here. I'll probably skip the giant malls and head to the spice market later.

And I gotta get me a shawarma!

Here's a picture from Dubai: