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A couple pictures of Dubai

I'm pretty far from where they are building all the cool buildings (They will soon be building the new tallest building in the world here). I think the pointy towers are called the Emirates Towers.


I was mainly bumming around these side streets today.


I somehow stumbled into the textile market area.



Carl, great photos. Judy told me about your trip. Wish I had known about the reunion for Marimba--I would've been there.

I'll be tracking your trip. I've always wanted to go to Kenya and Tanzania and really any part of Africa. I'll be reading with interest!

Carl, Iam glad Tomorrow you will be landing in Uganda, I have been reading all your posts to know how your moving. I have seen some greet photos especially that one of the highest building in the world on your blog. Thank you for posting.

Hope to see in my coutry.