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Happy Birthday to me

Monday was my birthday, I'm now 21 and old enough to drink!


We went to a restaurant called Open House for Indian food and cake. I had the chicken tikka masala.


followed by some cake!


Joiining me was (left to right below: Merab, Immaculate, Poover, and Susan)


There's a few more pictures here if you can't get enough pictures of me eating: http://www.flickr.com/photos/carlhaynes/sets/72157594365155629/


Wow - at least the Indian food there looks pretty tasty! I have failed so miserably to find any decent Indian food that I have decided to learn how to make it myself. So far so good, I bought some ingredients... I think there's a step two as well ...

Oh - and happy birthday.

Its not Darbar, but the indian food was pretty good, there's quite a few decent indian places around. Also quite a few lebanese places, which was a surprise to me.