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Well it looks like I didn't make the cut...however some of my pictures ended up on the website so at least that's something!

Here's the site specific to our story, it says the video of the show will be up November 7th.



bummer!!! it was a good piece though. was the moses on the show - the moses at whose home you used to have dinner? did you buy any peanut butter? the whole smith family watched it (even little cathal - well he fell asleep to it) and in honor of you , margaret tivoed it. hope things are good. des

Saw the show last night...sorry you didn't make it to film, but I recognized many names and places from your journey. I didn't know much about your company and was very impressed with all its works. Wishing you well!

Clearly they do not recognize star quality when they see it...

Thanks! Yeah it was a bummer I didn't get my debut.

Yeah that is the same moses who hosted all the good dinners. Haven't had grace's peanut butter yet, but have had some others and they are quite tasty, though in my mind peanut butter should be the consistancy of Jif, these peopnut butters are like the "natural" peanut butters you find at Whole Foods, very oily and liquidy.