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Weekend on the Nile

This last week, Matt & Jessica, the guys who started Kiva visited so that they can be filmed here by Frontline. I got a fair amount of camera time as we tried to get blogging by cell phone working. I'm now hopeful that I may actually rate an appearance in the documentary.

We had a nice dinner where I was able to order Mac & cheese and it was taaasstttyyy!

It was Susan's birthday so we headed to Jinja for a relaxing weekend at one of the nicer resorts in Uganda, The Jinja Nile Resort. The resort is made up of a bunch of cottages right on the Nile. We were well protected as the heads of the armed forces for Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania were all in town for some military exercises. There were no shortage of soldiers around, though we had to make sure to hit the dinner buffet early because once the soldiers arrived...bye bye food!

Most of my days were laying by the pool drinking Stoneys (ginger soda):


and eating:


and drinking passion fruit juice:


and swimming:


and Susan went swimming for the first time in her life:


And after 6 months in Africa, I finally saw a monkey (actually a whole family of them)!



hey -your photos are getting better and better - love the pool - hope to see you on frontline - chat soon!

Thanks Donna, I'm trying!