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The worst internet connection in the world

Now I'm understanding why Uganda Telecom has stopped selling the internet phone I am using, they no longer work!

I've had about two usable days since I've got it back. The problem seems to be on their back end, I can connect to them no problem but their proxy server kills connections constantly so I get a bunch of empty web pages whenever I look at anything!

Its gotten bad enough that I am now looking to either move to a house with a phone line or try to rent a small office. I looked into satellite connection here but they are ridiculously expensive as opposed to ISDN which is just expensive! Both are equally slow.

Anyway most of my time has been spent trying to get East Africa Tech Ventures off the ground. When my connection works I am going to try to start updating my blog there with the business side of things and leave this to the more sporadic personal side of life here.



Dear Carl

I got a recommendation for MTN. It has also a wireless solution. It should be faster than UTL. Maybe an alternative.

Best regards

Bro. Patrick