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Frontline Visiting

This weekend a film crew from the PBS show Frontline will be visiting to do some filming for a segment they are doing on Kiva. They will be traveling around filming some of the IDP camps and businesses funded by Kiva. Hopefully, yours truly will get to make an appearence if I don't get left on the cutting room floor. The segment is due to air on Halloween.


So glad to see you have real walls and even a door. Was that your car in the driveway? Happy to hear you are glad to be back but I do wish you would come home since I worry about your safety. Brian was here for a few days to attend a wedding. He was so disappointed that they couldn't go to Ireland and see you guys. Cathal is growing in leaps and bounds. We are getting ready to go to Florida in November and stay about a month. If you ever want a place to stay for free the place is always available to you.Aunt Joyce

Hi Aunt Joyce! Unfortunately that car was a neighbors, I'm still carless here, though at some point I suppose I should get a car. Will let you know if I ever make it back (I'm sure I will at some point)!