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What must the neighbors think?

Sometimes I provide free entertainment for the neighborhood.

We have been slowly sealing the borders around my property to keep most of the animals out (and when I get some animals, to keep them in). I personally like living in a petting zoo, but sometimes we find the garbage all over the yard (usually from dogs, though the goats enjoy the proceeds) and occasionally a larger animal figures out how to get in but can't get out.

My gate still has very large holes so it just deterres them, but doesn't stop them from coming in, at least until we finish the gate.

After sealing the parimeter, we had one lone chicken in the yard and apparently that chicken needed to lay an egg real bad (or so I'm assuming, I don't know anything about chickens). I first found her making a racket in the garage, then she spent the next several hours trying to get into my house. she kept wedging herself in between the front door and my screens or jumping up on my window sills.

Finally she found my kitchen window which has a screen without a latch so if she pushed hard enough, she could open the screen and get into the house. Luckily the screen held but the chicken got stuck between my security bars and the screen. I was afraid that with one wrong move the screen would fly open and I would be chasing a chicken around the kitchen.

So I went outside and was trying to poke the chicken to get it to unwedge itself. All of a sudden I heard a bunch of cackling and it wasn't coming from the chickens, there were a group of women next door rolling on the ground laughing at me trying to get this chicken out of my window. It was pretty obvious I had no idea what I was doing.

Finally one of them sent her young child, probably about five years old to help me. I lifted him up and he grabbed the chicken and carried it back home.

I sure have a lot to learn!

Here's a picture of the chicken:



Dear Carl

My name is Bro. Patrick. I am a member of a German monastery. But in two weeks I will start "my big adventure". I will join the Christ the King's Priory in Tororo for two years. I will live there to share the life and collect many experiences of living in Africa.
Maybe we can meet us in Uganda.
Impressive chronicle
Best wishes
Bro Patrick

Absolutely, Kiva has funded many businesses in Tororo and while I haven't visited yet, hopefully I will be in the area fairly regularly.

hey - great pics of the children - you are getting better & better - a suggestion from a photo class i took - use your flash even in the day, it will
fill in the shadows created by their heads (and also baseball caps) - chat soon
des- (still no niece/nephew yet)