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Alfred's Graduation Party

This weekend I went to Alfred's graduation party. Alfred is a social worker who works in the kiva office, he just graduated last month. Graduation parties are a very big thing here and there were probably 200 guests.

When I arrived I was able to take a peek around the side of the house where there was a huge feast being prepared.

Cooking the feast

The party consisted of 2 1/2 hours of speeches by all kinds of local dignitaries, preachers and friends of the family. I learned that Alfred comes from a big family, his father has three wives and 23 children! Alfred is the first to graduate from college.

After the speeches we had cake and people gave presents. Alfred even got a turkey and a goat! Here are Helen & Stella giving a gift from the Kiva staff:

Stella and Helen giving a present

Then it was eating time! The food was unbelievably good, with goat and chicken that had been slowly cooking all day and were nice and tender.

I mentioned to someone that it was nice to finally be someplace where I wasn't the center of attention, though I did get some mentions from the MC who was under the impression that I had flown in just for the party and was flying back to the U.S. right afterwards.


More pictures here.


I so dig your adventure chronicles! I love how you just tell it like it is without comentary. And thanks for sharing the pictures too. I get so happy when I see your pictures of kids, they see you and go wild. Man, that says something really good about you.