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Home Office

Yesterday I took delivery of my brand new hand-built desk


It was made by the same people who made the coffee table seen in the photo. They also made my bed (well, constructed my bed, my bed is always unmade)

I'm still slowly getting all set up at home, I can now work comfortable (well as comfortably as that wooden chair allows) while the electricity is on. The phone on the desk acts as my internet connection using CDMA Cell phone connections. I get about 3 hours of connection time on the battery after the power goes out.


Yes that's a fridge and a sink behind me, I just need to turn around and grab a cold one whenever I get thirsty!


hey - i love the desk! and your house is looking quite cozy. i think you should call rogers your "caretaker" 'cause superintendant sounds too city. anyway - love the posts, i am sharingthem with friends - des

I like "caretaker" that sounds about right!

you seemed to have a neat place... can i come and visit?