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Greetings from Uganda

I'm here at last...whew....

Took an uneventful flight from Dubai and landed about 3:00 in Entebbe. We spent the night in Kampala by the bus depot so we could make an early exit to Soroti, which it turns out is my new home town, not Tororo. Our offices were moved up here and are shared with some folks from the Village Enteprise Fund.

They are finishing up painting my house so hopefully I will be able to move in tomorrow. I need to get a few things like bed sheets before it is inhabitable.

The town is fairly small and is so far very friendly. We had a big feast last night and got to meet all the people I will be working with. Today I am in the office and it turns out I have my own office, with a door and everything. No more cubicles for me.

I will post some pictures soon!


Carl, you and moses need to get
1) Microsoft Project
2) A couple conference rooms
3) Endless meetings
4) Goals
5) You need to reexamine your goals daily and reset the schedule accordingly