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Always an adventure!

Today was my last day in California, or so I thought. I got up early and finished my packing, dropped off my keys at the office and took off with a car full of stuff (and one unhappy cat).

About 6 hours later I was just getting to Sacramento! It was stop and go traffic from the time I left home to Sacramento which usually takes just two hours. The rain was non-stop. The traffic clears up a little after Sacramento but the rain gets worse and worse. Then as the highway starts climbing toward Donner's Pass It's starts snowing really hard, they announce that all trucks must exit, then they close the highway due to the snow and multiple crashes.

So I turn around and have to backtrack about an hour before I can find a hotel. Luckily HoJo's allows animals in your room.

Tomorrow we start the adventure all over.


Man, first the laptop and now this. At least you'll get one night under the warm embrace of a big orange roof before you head out to Uganda.

Better luck tomorrow!