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The downside of being a cheapskate.

So I buy a new laptop to take with me to Uganda. I went pretty cheap and bought a hp notebook because Fry's was having a good sale on it.

The day after I bought it the sound goes out and after several calls to tech support, the FedEx guy showed up today and its now in the shop. It's going to be fun trying to get this fixed in Uganda if something goes wrong. Maybe I should have spent the extra money on a Dell!

Hope they mail it back to me before I leave!

One cool thing about the computer that I like is that you can play a DVD without booting up the computer. Hopefully that'll help with battery life on the plane.


Hello Carl,

I warmly welcome you to Uganda, its unfortunate that I have not been visiting your blog for a while. There is a friend of mine in the USA who directed me to this blog and he is called John Powers. He lives in Pennsylvania and has never visited; we have been friends since 2002 up-to-date. We have been communicating through correspondences on the Internet.

Iam working at a girls boarding Secondary School in Iganga District near the highway to Tororo. I know Tororo very well and even have a friend who is a resident in the area where youíre going to operate from. I also started up a CBO (Community based Organization) in 2002 with Powers at recently received $500 for demonstration of Accountability from AWISH Uganda, which is linked to AWISH International. Our Organization is called Busoga Shining Light Association. Iím working with Paul Barkley, as Volunteers. Paul has ever been in Uganda two times who worked as peace volunteer in the area of Busoga, Mabira Forest and Rwenzori and lives in Birmingham (USA). You will come to know all of them in case we communicate to each other before you live USA to Uganda.

Iím working in the School Telecentre, Paul is teaching me an Accounting Software program online, which he bought for our Organization. The program is called QuickBooks Pro 2006 I installed on a computer, which was bought to me by John Powers and I also did a course on computers in Business and Management.

I will be grateful, if you write back on my email address magumban2002@yahoo.com or bslainfo@yahoo.com if not so you can email John Powers so that he tells you more about me on incgarden@earthlink.net

Yours faithfully
Nathan Magumba