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I just received this email from a guy at the the phone company in Tororo whom I asked about prices. I'm not so sure now why I thought the telesaver was 128k, if it is, then it seems like a pretty good bargain.

we have a wide range of internet brand portfolios.One as you are already aware is the telesaver plus which costs about 193 dollars only.Please note that these are total costs including a Usb cable and one months Subscription with unlimited internet access.

The other option i would highly recommend you is the ISDN 128K.This shall enable you enjoy fast internet connectivity.The total costs for this service including Value Added Tax is 964 Dollars.The package includes three months of unlimited fast internet access and a personalised e-mail account e.g carl @utlonline.co.ug.
This will certainly meet your internet needs am confident about it.

$964 to set up a 128k ISDN connection! The good news is that it looks like I may have a pretty good shot at continuing to do some consulting with TiVo from Uganda so I may be able to justify the cost. I'm still waiting to hear what the monthly rate is for the ISDN.


OK here's an update: the telesaver is a 64k connection and the ISDN is $200 a month.


consulting for TiVo from Uganda! That would be a pretty amazing differential between income and cost of living. go for it.