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Down to the wire

It's getting to be crunch time. Here's my list of stuff to do by next Wednesday

1) Send Packages to Denver (mixer, cookware)
2) Return Tivo's laptop
3) Book hotels in London & Dubai
4a) Send in my Cobra payment for April
4b) Send in my EFT Cobra forms
5) Do my Taxes
6) Change my address
7a) Drop off business cards
5b) Pick up business cards
8) Put my comfy tv watching chair on craigslist
9) Cancel my phone/cable/electric/water
9a) Return cable box to Comcast
10) Make about 100 75 65 50 runs to the trash chute to throw away the rest of my worldly belongings.
11) Change the oil in my car, get it washed.
12) Coin star - cha ching!
13) Deposit last TiVo checks
14) transfer money to bank accounts
15) Gorge myself on yellow peeps
16) Buy Camera/laptop Bag

Oh yeah, I also need to finish the new website for Kiva.

I've got 4 days! I wonder what's on TV?

P.S. In the laptop saga, They are supposed to call me on Monday to arrange a replacement Notebook, hope they don't send it to me FedEx!

P.P.S. In my new saga, I opened a citibank account because they have a branch in Uganda and I can do wire transfers over the internet. They screwed up opening it an there's now a block on the account that they keep telling me they are putting in orders to remove it and it never gets removed. So I may have no laptop and no money when I get to Uganda. At least I'll fit in!



Don't worry you get used to the suation here. with or without you can manage to stay. It's true there is City Bank and also you can wire money using Western Union. It quick and reliable. In addition to that there is Money gram. John Powers has been sending some little money through Money gram since 2002 uptodate. But i have been getting that very day.

Thank you

ok, where are you going to get medical treatment in Uganda? and the taxes... just stay in Africa? the utilities? they'll cancel them when they haven't been paid for a few months...

I think the trash chute trips and the oil in the car to get to Denver are the musts...