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More Press

An article from CNN Money:


And here's a little backstory on how I got involved with all of this:



Yikes, I don't quite see the concerns about Kiva impeding the development of local institutions. It's amazing that the relationships this system fosters are not seen as valuable. Trust is essential. Hundreds, and thousands of success stories are a way that trust is demonstrated. Well, I just don't quite understand the criticism.

One thing I do know is that business is a risk. The key thing is having support organizations in the local lending areas to assure the greatest success possible. It's on the ground in Uganda that I see the biggest challenge to expanding the number of loans Kiva supports.

That's why Mr. Carl, you are my hero! Kiva can work and create a whole lot of good outcomes. Your expertise will really go along way. Three Cheers!

Great reading, keep up the great posts.
Peace, JiggaDigga