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Here's the company I am going to be working for


The company was started by someone I worked with at Tivo along with his wife.

The purpose is to allow individuals to directly loan money to small businesses in africa in order to allow the business owners to grow their businesses. Once the money is paid back you can loan the money to another business, withdraw it completely, or donate all or part of it to help with Kiva's overhead. One hundred percent of the money you loan goes directly to the person to whom you are lending.

I will be working on the software for the website as well as traveling around Africa to help show people how to use the site in order to update the lenders on how the business is going.

Here is a list of some of the businesses to which money has been loaned:



I'm the guy with the video's from Tororo...

This looks like a fantastisc project!! Tell me more about What you will be doing in Tororo, how you got involved and why Tororo?

I plan to go back one day and do more. I was working with Mifumi project while I was there and my wife was researching for her master's degree in anthropology. We know most of the clients from the kive site. We lived in Kasoli around the corner from the Mayor.

The internet cafe was one of the projects I was involved with.
It was hosted by Mifumi and financed by Lawlyn Inc.(Same family)

We had some great experiences there. (...and of course some not so great!!)

Get back to me and good luck!!

Regards Andy

Tell me more about this project!!