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February 26, 2006

and the winner is....


February 24, 2006

Election in Uganda today.

Today is the election in Uganda. I barely know or care about US Politics, much less be able to figure out what's going on in Uganda. I do know that these are the first multi-party elections in like 20-something years which I suppose is a good thing.

My main concern is that the country remains peaceful afterwards so that I can move there. For that reason I've been following the election closely through the two main newspapers. The govenment run paper is: New Vision while the independent paper is: The Monitor.

The monitor seems to have the most up to the minute election counts.

If no one gets more than 50% of the vote then there will be a runoff election.

current vote as of 3:00 california time:

Museveni (incumbant): 49.3%
Besigye (challenger): 47.4%

with 228,136 votes counted

February 17, 2006

uh oh

"Power in the region is now switched-off from 6pm to 6pm the following day making operations very difficult."
That doesn't leave much time that the power is on!

Tororo in Fuel, Water Crisis

February 16, 2006

NPR segment on Kiva

NPR did a segment on Kiva today.

Here's a link to the segment:


and the archive page


February 14, 2006

Trip Delayed

I'm now planning on leaving at the end of March rather than the end of February. Maybe the electricity in Uganda will be turned back on by then!